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What does MyAvatar do?
There are billions of different people on earth, and so is the application - it's different for everyone - for some, it's a unique opportunity to visit places you haven't been for a long time, or blend in with the crowd on the main street of a distant city, or maybe just enjoy the sunsets in countries where travel is difficult and expensive. - For others, it's an opportunity to make money for a dream or for the necessities of life and to help other people.
In fact, the possibilities of MyAvatar are not limited, it can be used for everything and even for commercial purposes (to visit the scene, see a small part of a concert, make a video of natural phenomena) because the owner of the video becomes the "operator" according to the rules of the application, the main requirement for this is not to break any laws or to endanger the life of the "avatar".

How will it work?
The app is not available at the moment as it is under development, but you can help us in any way you can:
Our team
Founder Khalko V. Certificate №0568436 dated 30.05.2018
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